Ayurveda in Sri Lanka

Ayurveda in Sri LankaAyurveda is a traditional medicine, is widely spread in Sri Lanka. Across the country there are many centers and clinics provide Ayurvedic services. They do exist in large cities and in the suburbs, be sure the resorts that are found in hotels and hospitals. There are even entire Ayurvedic hotels-resorts, which are somewhat similar to the sanatorium. Finding them is easy by the presence in their title the word Ayurveda, for example: Ayurveda Pavilions, Siddhalepa Ayurveda Health Resort, etc. In addition to the clinics distributed everywhere the stores and shops with medicines used in the treatment of various diseases. Drugs also often offer to buy when visiting the numerous spice gardens in Sri Lanka.
As for procedures, we offer Ayurvedic clinics in Sri Lanka, the overwhelming majority of them, is limited to the diagnosis of pulse, to determine your current physical standing, possible diagnosis and the iris of the eye. After that a doctor prescribes you treatment and establishes its duration. Typically, to achieve the best results, it is recommended to take 2-week course of treatments, but you can choose any length, even 1 day. In a standard set of procedures included a full body massage, herbal steam bath and finally herbal tea. The duration of the procedure takes no more than 2-2,5 hours a day. The cost everywhere, of course, different, but on average a set of procedures on a day – from $ 100.
In General, the same Ayurveda is a kind of philosophy for maintaining bodily and spiritual health in harmony among themselves. What you need not only taking care of your body, but also to be always in a good mood, and eat right, so as not to disturb this harmony.

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