But is it really worth it to go on vacation by yourself?

But is it really worth it to go on vacation by yourself?Despite the fact that the site is “Our planet” is intended primarily for self-guided tours, we decided in this article to address the issue, and whether it is worth to go on holiday on their own. To be clear, just note that on the question of short-term tourist trips to resorts, especially popular for recreation, and not about the long travel to many places and countries, after which you return home and say, “Well, finally, now I can relax!”. Suggest you seriously consider whether it’s worth to change a tourist trip with a tour for the self-organization of rest, unless you intend to travel to a distant country from end to end and visit maleescortinnyc non-tourist places. Is it really cheaper? Actually, everything in this issue is not so clear.
By the way, on the Internet you can often find the view that if you organize your holiday abroad or in Russia independently, i.e., to buy tickets, to get a visa, book hotel, get insurance – it can be very hard to save. Especially often such statements are found on sites which sell all kinds of paid video courses and advice for tourists. The authors of these courses promise that will teach you how to travel around the world alone for mere pennies, and still try to convince us that you can earn on these trips. Apparently, the authors of these courses has a secret. Assume that this secret – how to fool everyone, including buyers and courses. Anyway, I suggest you take a sober look at the organization of independent travel before you are immersed in the wonderful world of independent travel:
Question one: Finance

Let’s start with the basics – the cost of tickets and hotels.
Someone told you or you read that instead of buying a vacation package (vouchers) to buy a ticket, book a hotel and as a result, nothing to pay to the tour operator? So, allegedly, will be cheaper. And you tried?
For starters, try to really compare the cost of tickets for regular flights and the cost of permits. The reality is that in most cases the cost of air travel on scheduled flights is higher than the cost of permits. Sometimes you can find Charter flights cheaper than the tour, but this is, firstly, if you’re lucky; and secondly, the date and time you fail to pick up such as you need to have to adjust to what is.
But to the cost of the tickets will have to add the cost of the hotel. Only in rare cases when this approach is possible though something to save.
Don’t forget to add the cost of insurance. Though not a lot, $ 20 per person, but still.
Now do not forget that we still need a way to get to your resort from the airport. Batch of tourists will be put together in a bus or van and take you for free, and you have to take a taxi or local transport. Also the costs.
The second issue is safety

Being in a foreign country without a permit for everything that happens to you, you are responsible for yourself and completely left to themselves. Even insurance will not help, because, actually, in practice, to obtain from insurance companies at least some kind of assistance from abroad is very difficult. To say nothing about all kinds of conflict situations and misunderstandings.
Of course, do not assume that the representative of the tour operator you will be led by the hand from the hotel to the beach, but, nevertheless, the tour operator is responsible and cares about the tourists in the best of their ability. It carries real legal and financial responsibility for your person. If something happens, at least you’ll have someone to call and ask for help.
Question three – time saving

If you are interested in not only lying on the beach, but want to see something interesting, the tour operators offer a lot of tours. Sometimes the beach tours are complemented by excursions. All pre-planned, tested and ready for consumption. And you don’t need to bother and spend time at home in preparation for the trip by studying the routes, attractions, how to reach them.
So why, you ask, the site is “Our planet” is dedicated to independent travel and who need this at all? But the fact is that if you once make an independent trip, you hardly want to go back on the ticket. Freedom and a slight feeling of “trailblazing”, which give independent travel is a true passion that will constantly haunt you before each trip. So, if you want the rest of your life “to sit on the needle” in anticipation of the expectations of a new journey, then independent travel is for you.

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