Rest in Abkhazia: what to consider and where to stayIn that case, if you want to relax on a clean black sea coast, to avoid a large number of remarkable places, to try the chic cuisine and excellent wines are homemade, whatever it is schedule a trip to Abkhazia next summer or early fall.

How to get there. The preferred airport for beaches of Abkhazia from Adler and Sochi. From Adler there is a minibus ride to the border won’t take longer than half an hour. From Sochi to Abkhazia is possible to reach by train, which goes to Sukhum.

The border crossing. Due to the fact that the agreement on visa regime between Abkhazia and Russia is not, in order to cross the border, you just need to go through passport control (just need a Russian passport and customs control.

Where to visit. Any tourist can easily find what to do and where to visit in Abkhazia. I wish to strengthen health – head in Sukhum, like night clubs – go to Gagra, trying to find the most clean sea – go to Pitsunda. Don’t forget to visit mountain excursions, to visit the famous Eastern Christian shrines – Ilar (sanctuary of St. George), Kamany monastery (the Church of St. John Chrysostom and many others.

Where it is easier to stop? Attractive alternatives quite a lot. In that case, if you prefer a quiet vacation on the beach, we recommend you to stay in the private sector of Cantrips (town, unfolded only 5 km from the Russian border). To reach Gagra it is possible only at the third hour. The friendly inhabitants of this settlement guarantee you a comfortable stay and unforgettable holidays in Cantrips. Delicious homemade food, two steps to the beach, low prices for accommodation are guaranteed. Recommended!

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