How celebrate New year in Asia

How celebrate New year in AsiaSongkran is the Thai New year which is celebrated from April 13 to April 19. Start date of the new year is connected with the ancient Indian astrological calendar. Once on the street at this time, do not be surprised if the passing locals will wash over you from head to toe with water. Yes, Yes, water. And it may be a water gun, bucket, Cup – anything, if only you were wet to the skin. Local and each other soundly watered Reviver. On the streets just happens Orgy. A lot of people, laughter, running, adults, like children, running after each other, trying to pour water.
What is this tradition and why in the New year must pour? The fact that Songkran is a Sanskrit translated as “transition”. Ends hot season in Thailand and the rainy season begins, which will last until October. That is, the pouring water is a kind of a call to the beginning of the rainy season. In addition, as known, water has the property of cleansing. The Thais, as if to wash themselves of all the negativity, all figuratively speaking of the dirt that had accumulated over the whole year. While you still may be coated with talc or clay. It is believed that talc repels dirt, so it sort of is purified.
As practiced in Thailand Buddhism, and Buddha figurines necessarily washed with water, preferably with Jasmine petals and roses. In the morning all the monks gather in public places, churches, and local residents bring them alms.
But if you manage to come to Bali in March…

Monsters in Bali
Then you become a participant of the celebration of Indonesian New year – Nyepi. Celebrated a triumph for five days. Moreover, the exact date of when the Balinese celebrate Nyepi, no. It should be the first day of the lunar calendar of the CAC. For example, in 2012, he was met on March 5, 2013 – March 12, 2014 Nyepi will fall on March 31.
The main feature of this festival is the “day of silence” when everything freezes, nothing works, the city, as if dying. The beliefs of the local people, on this day, come to the island of the evil spirits that can take your soul if you see me on the street. So everyone should sit at home, close Windows, doors, light a fire, not to make any noise. The spirits will see that there is no one, and go back home. In this day absolutely nothing works. Tourists at this time, as a rule, go to the nearby Islands (such as Lombok or Gili Komodo), where this is not common tradition, as in Bali.
A couple of days before the “day of silence” the Balinese perform the rites of purification. They also, as in Thailand related to water. Figures of deities wash. The islanders EN masse go to the ponds, the ocean and let the waves kind of offering to the spirits, made from palm leaves and flowers.
Along the roads put up huge figures of monsters made of paper mache. Sometimes you wonder just how turbulent the author’s imagination. Just imagine: three-meter an angry woman, painted in pink, which hangs four Breasts develop on the head disheveled black hair, and his mouth stuck a huge canines. God forbid this in the dream will dream of! Then, fortunately these monsters burn in the square.
On the eve of the “day of silence” the Balinese on the contrary have one day of noise. Create a DIN and merriment, thus expelling evil spirits.
After the “day of silence” the islanders come out, finally, from their homes and go to each other’s homes, asking for forgiveness for all the bad things that happened this year. Like our Christian forgiveness Sunday.
New year in India…

In this country the day of this celebration depends on the geographical location of the province. For example, in Tamil Nadu New year is celebrated on 14 April, and in Kashmir it is celebrated on March 10. The celebration itself is similar to the traditions of Thailand and Bali. In India also burn effigies or decorated trees. And the streets made to cover each other with powder and paint.
Streets decorated with orange flags, locals uveshivat themselves with flowers. The spectacle is really very memorable and vivid. At this time is to come to India to know closer the culture and traditions of this nation.
Race on elephants in Sri Lanka…

This exotic and amazing island national New year – Avurudu is celebrated on 13 or 14 April. At this time the locals sanctify their homes, driving out evil spirits. On the streets throwing mass entertainment events, such as racing on elephants. The islanders in the power of drumming to exorcise the demons from the island, everywhere can feel the atmosphere of unity, unified spirit, fun and positive.
By the way, Sri Lankans, as we Europeans in the New year’s eve wash to Shine apartment to celebrate the new year with a clean home. And remember, one of my favorite Patriotic movie “Irony of fate or with light steam”, when the protagonist in the tradition before the New year went to the bathhouse?! Now, the islanders also before new year’s eve take an herbal bath to ease into the year with a clean body.
Just like the Balinese, in Sri Lanka there is a period of a few hours, when also decided to observe silence. Do not take a bath, to work, to make noise. This time is devoted to meditation and rethink life.
Christmas table at Sri-Lankans crowded, usually sweets, even the meat is cooked with a sweet sauce.
Vietnamese tradition…

Fireworks during Tet
To celebrate the New year according to the traditions of the Vietnamese, should go to this country in late January. In 2014, the celebration will be on January 31, and last year I celebrated the New year on 10 February. The dates are changing constantly and depend on the lunar calendar.
This feast is called Tet Nguyen and is celebrated for 4 days.
Houses and streets are decorated with branches of an apricot tree or tangerine is traditionally, as we have a Christmas tree. There is a colorful procession. The holiday is celebrated with the entire scale, rapidly and fun. Particularly impressive sight at night when the kindle fires, are treated to local cuisine and having fun from the heart.
A good sign in Vietnamese is considered to meet the new year’s eve in the company with the elder, who turned more than 70 years. Traditional gifts that adults give their kids, are considered, but strangely not toys or sweets, and money. But they must be new and packaged in red bags.
Don’t be surprised when you see men dressed during Theta in black clothes, which we associate with mourning. In this color made in Vietnam to celebrate the New year. Women, in turn, wear red and yellow clothing.

To participate in the traditions of other countries and peoples is always interesting. To know their culture, customs, to be a part of their life, full of bright colors, often surprisingly incongruous with our traditions. And the New year, as well as possible unites all peoples and Nations. During this holiday collapse territorial and religious boundaries, all be on the same level, because, first of all we are all human…

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