Divorce Italian, French, Turkish …

Divorce Italian, French, Turkish ...I am an advocate of positive thinking.
However, by popular demand, this solved the theme “illuminate”.

There are two polar views on cheating tourists:
1) they are All “bad people”. Want to cash in on newcomers (not necessarily aliens).
2) he is guilty.

I am totally against this division! The truth, as always, somewhere in the middle.
Together, let’s see where “the dog rummaged”.


There are three categories of situations in which risk travelling to part with some money.
1) Different views on the same situations from “them” and “us”.
2) Not understanding each other. Even relatives do not always understand each other.
3) Cheating-pure water. Unfortunately, “they” learn from “our” is not always the best. In half of the cases, for such “tricks” are “our” .
In these cases, immediately call the police. Or at least threaten to call.

The first commandment of the tourist (and not only in a foreign country) “there are no Freebies”, “Free cheese …”.
Continue to themselves, You know better than me our folklore.
The anecdote that in Egypt, to get off the camel, the owner asks for a much higher price than for riding the ship of the desert”, is actually not a joke, but a real fact of life.
At the hotels, as a rule, this is not sin, but on trips – easily.
Negotiate the price in advance!

Those who believe that in civilized Europe have nothing to fear for a rude awakening.
An unpleasant surprise is waiting for tourists near the Holy of holies for every traveler – currency exchange.
European don’t sell with the optimal-buy currency, as we have, and TRADE., for it takes comisioane %. . And the main trouble is that the amount of the Commission (which, incidentally, can reach up to 30% of the sum of exchange!) nowhere indicated.
To avoid “misunderstandings”, I advise you, before you give money, ask how many will get on the hands.

Near European “almanac” duty street moneychangers – just as we have in the good old days.
If You have a lot of extra money, and carry them with you very hard, can use their services.
Many misunderstandings arise because of ignorance of customs. This is especially true of Muslim countries, especially Egypt and Turkey.

I would single out several stages of the relationship seller-buyer (seller of goods or services):
1) Draw attention to the goods themselves, or various tricks attract our attention.
2) Is the offer to come closer, to get acquainted with the product or the owner.
At this stage, you can safely leave, thanking pre-seller. But if You are interested in something, it remains only to determine how much You are ready to buy!
3) is Assigned a price. This is more a topic of conversation than the cost.
4) Bargaining. In the East, if not traded, vitally, will offend the interlocutor.
5) Transfer all, what should a seller. Goods delivery, the certificate (if required).
6) Transfer the payment. After the moment when You handed the money the seller owes You nothing! Getting THEM from YOU should be the final step!
7) Goodbye.

There are exceptions to the rules. Is to buy from Your tour operator excursions (to be prepared in advance). They “Know ours”.
Professional liars are Egyptian taxi drivers.

Travelers with experience give a list of tips how to behave in a taxi:
– to demand that the taxi driver uses the meter;
– if the counter no, to negotiate the price in advance;
– do not give money before the end of the trip;
– before you pay the money, get out of the taxi;
– if entitled to change, it need to get before hand the money to the taxi driver (as paradoxical as that sounds);
– do not change money to the taxi driver (major to minor and Vice versa).
– not to succumb to blackmail, if the taxi driver claims that he agreed to take you for $5 and $50;
– do not hesitate to threaten the police.
“Souvenir” in the tourist places can be all: precious and semi-precious stones, jewelry, Souvenirs made of basalt, perfumes and even papyrus!

Someone thinks the product is a fake, but it Souvenirs. What people Souvenirs?:
To refresh memories about the trip.
– Token friends and relatives.
– “Food” for the envious, if God forbid You have any.

The main requirements for the two Souvenirs:
Recognisable landmarks.
– Cheapness. Average price to 10 USD

The conclusion is: do not look in the souvenir shops of works of art or Antiques. As well as gold, precious stones …
All this is bought in specialized shops, and for other money.

Travellers cheques.

If contact with travelers ‘ checks, then buy them only need to be submitted to the Embassy, and on his return documents again to exchange our Bank money. There will take about 2% of the amount for return and exchange, thus, losses would amount to only about 4% of the amount. In Italy it works out much more expensive – will result in loss of precious time and money. But at the border the customs officials do not care, will show whether they are a tourist traveller’s cheques or cash.

Although travelers ‘ checks written that they are almost all banks of the world, far from it. In any Bank of Rome you flatly refuse to change travellers ‘ cheques and will be sent in a special exchange.
To prove that they are obliged to change cheques – it is impossible. “Unfortunately, we are not exchanging travelers ‘checks”, you will repeat with a smile the staff of the Bank and to send tourists down the address. In some banks, especially in small towns, travellers ‘ cheques still change. But not more than 200 Euro for 1 time in the same Bank.
The Commission, which take the banks, albeit small, but still have to pay around 4-6 € 200. And it’s quite a bit. BUT with 250 Euro exchanged at special exchange of traveler’s checks in Rome at Piazza Spain (works, like banks, from 8 am to 15.45), the exchange will ask for as much as 28 euros. Or pay, or leave. The Commission monstrous.

Another honest way of obtaining money in Europe – an evening river boat trip. For EUR25-35 tour promises a lot of impressions, excellent shots, a generous table and even live music.

Our excellent staff will not argue: in the dark of the European capital look really unforgettable. Live music is certainly not for everybody, although personally I rather would have paid for silence. But the “dinner on the boat” deserves to dwell on it more.

The cruise was really “perky”, although tourists were treated only with a glass of champagne.
The organizers who prepared dinner on a boat while walking on the Vltava river, chose a different path: the table was set generously, but all the dishes were too spicy and fatty. It is easy to guess that, supper, those who so wished to drink, and then – surprise! It turned out that all the drinks on the boat are fabulous money. For example, say that a glass of water was estimated at EUR5.

Another type of “divorce” – tasting. Does not matter, what would it be – famous cellars of Massandra wine cellars in Hungary or Breweries in the Czech Republic.
All for the same EUR25-35 tourists “to the atmosphere”, “enjoy the taste” and “buy at factory price”. Determined by taste better at the tasting.
To buy packaged drinks you need only, if You care to have acquired it at the tasting.

These same drinks in the supermarket is much cheaper.

On “hot” traces “of Our Travelers in Egypt.

Excursions can be bought in the local street travel agencies.
However, it is likely that you will not see any money or excursions (can be “our” compatriots).
If the journey will still take place, the guide is likely to be very bad to speak Russian, but also German, English, Arabic simultaneously.
The bus may look like him many years ago buried in the desert, and then accidentally found.

If it says: “steam free” means FREE! But ONLY steam. Massage, peeling, rubbing oils …, extra! And for the price necessary to agree….

Gently with a mobile phone.

Stick a sticker on it “Inbox too, even local!”.
Taken on the machine tube costs a pretty penny.

If you are a girl or you’re a girl.
Always tell your partner your wife or girlfriend, otherwise you’ll get suggestions about buying it, in the course are fat herds of camels, yachts and so what to speak of offering no. And by the way, girls, remember that the rule given(and it is very healthy, and the marriage event is many times more expensive than us) does not work.

A rule that for the bride Nada to give real estate and other valuables only works against indigenous women. In General, the Russian wedding is free and low-cost option.

The groom has duties, nevesta law. The husband acquires the rights, and the wife is losing them.

“Divorce” are not only aliens, but also the participants.

There are tours such as “Express”, “Bingo” … It’s a kind of roulette.
Advantage one: get a 5* hotel for 3*! Fly known in the region, but do not know in which hotel. Know star ratings, and power on the system “all inclusive”. Lodge, of course, in the empty hotel.

Why do others not want to go?
The question is rhetorical. Even at the airport, upon receipt of the documents, drew the attention of active young man or lady. On the plane actively supported conversation on the topic “must throw”. Before boarding the bus begins to actively connect all “let’s all work together to protest”.
At the hotel the group is brought to “white heat”. Especially bid up those who for the first time.

Put on ears all: agencies, operators, guides…
To night all kept in suspense. Ideal sleep time. Agree, well sleep together, and tomorrow we’ll show them.

Tomorrow is declared that nothing can be done! Come, we will understand. Thus, people knock themselves privileges.
In the midst of the “mess” the author tells the receiving side of their conditions, on which he ceases from all the friction. Most often it is a different class room and free tour.


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