Diving in Egypt

Diving in EgyptThe red sea is the ideal place for diving. Unique flora and fauna, rare species of fish and stunning coral reefs have turned the waters of the red sea to Mecca for diving enthusiasts from around the world.

Learning to scuba dive at any resort in Egypt. In every high class hotel has its own diving centre, where you can not only learn the basics of diving, but also to improve the General level of training.

To start classes in scuba diving is open to anyone over 10 years old and able to float. In Egypt often asked to donate to the CMOS certificate, but better to take the PADI, which is quoted all over the world.

One of the best places for diving in Egypt – the marine Park of RAS Mohammed, located in the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula near Sharm El Sheikh. The average depth in these waters for about 25 meters, and the flora and fauna of the reserve is truly unique: the beauty of the coral and diversity of marine life RAS Muhammad inferior except that the Great barrier Reef. Favorite places divers is a large coral pillar, called “Mushroom” due to the similarity in shape and reefs in the area of Mars Baraka is a huge Bay with a sandy bottom.

RAS Muhammad – the ideal place for lovers of historical diving. Near the village of Bekan Rock, at a distance of 13 km West of RAS Mohammed, at the foot of the coral plateau lies the wreckage of the ship “Dunraven” that sank in 1876 during the journey from Bombay to new castle. Another popular destination is the area of the shipwreck of an English ship “Distillers”, on Board of which were preserved aircraft, locomotives, tanks of World War II and even “Hurley Davidson”. The wreck lay on the sandy bottom at a depth of 30 meters in the southern part of the reef Shaab Ali in the Suez Strait and its well-preserved form very will delight history buffs.

By the way, the historical diving can also be enjoyed in the area of El Gouna and Marsa Alam. And in Marsa Alam arranged these dive trips and night dives.

Diving in Egypt is interesting not only for beginners but also for experienced divers. Divers professionals may be advisable to go down into the Blue Hole near Dahab. This vertical well, stretching deep into the reef, known worldwide as one of the most difficult places to dive. Or go from the coast of El Quseir dive Safari is an exciting journey on the yacht, which can last several days.

But those who only dream of learning to scuba dive, you should pay attention to Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh. At these resorts built over a hundred and diving centres, and experienced English-speaking instructors will help you in the shortest time to learn all the basics of the dive.

Open Water Diver (OWD) is an international certificate, which allows the newly minted diver to participate in various diving trips. Course you can learn in just a week, having 5 theoretical and practical training in the pool and on open water. After that You will receive a plastic card of the PADI system and can dive anywhere in the world. The main thing to remember that this is only the first step in the development of scuba diving.

Night dives are some of the most interesting. They will give you an unforgettable experience and learn how to navigate in poor visibility conditions. It is best to dive with a small group of divers in the already well researched and familiar place, in this case, the risk will be minimal. From the diver-beginner will require detailed knowledge of engineering night dive and the ability to take pictures underwater in unusual conditions.

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