How better to go to Vietnam

How better to go to VietnamIf your next trip will be to Vietnam, then perhaps one of the issues that you need to decide: to go to Vietnam on their own or as tourists.
The answer to this question is not as simple and straightforward as it may seem. You can’t just immediately say, for example, that to go to Vietnam on vacation by yourself will be cheaper than as tourists, because it is not always the case. Depending on the length of stay, departure city in Russia and the place of stay in Vietnam, rather, it may be that the package may be even cheaper. But, on the other hand, journey and you will have more freedom of choice, as on the route of travel, and time. In General, everything in detail…
To start is to say that you should not be afraid to travel to Vietnam alone. Even not knowing the language (which is the most common “excuse” from independent travel) this is not a hindrance. Vietnam is very well-developed in terms of tourism the country. Everywhere here there are hotels, travel agencies, well-developed tourist and public transport. Moreover, today many residents of Vietnam happy to learn the Russian language in connection with the “invasion” of Russian tourists. So afraid to get lost or get into trouble. It is only necessary to be vigilant and well prepared for the trip. To get into all sorts of minor troubles like divorce and speculation in Vietnam can at every step regardless of whether the permit if you come from, or themselves. To be ready, read the section “Safety in Vietnam”.
Now, as for the cost of the trip. As already mentioned, to say that the trip is definitely cheaper – not fair. So you could say a few years ago, when it direction from Russia was considered rare and exotic, and tours to Vietnam was worth not less than $ 2,000 per person. But today, at this price it is realistic to fly together. Simple search for tours in Vietnam popular tour operators issues as a result of the tour from Moscow to 14 days for two people for 66 000 (price at the time of writing in August 2013). If you plan the trip yourself, then for the flights for two people would have to spend about 50 000 rubles, and the remaining 16 000 will be spent on hotel accommodation, transfers to / from the airport, insurance, etc. If the benefit will be, minimal. Of course, a very different situation is obtained if you plan a route from visiting a few resorts Vietnam or long stay. In this case, the trip will go much more favorable.
The pointer in Nha Trang in Russian
As for the “interestingness” of the trip, then, of course, the trip to Vietnam will be much more interesting. If you want at least a little to increase the diversity of your trip and depart from the beaten tour operators resorts and trails, self-drive – your choice. Vietnam can offer you a lot of things outside the popular tourist routes, where “cars” bring Russian tourists. Almost “Russified” utterly popular resorts of Nha Trang, Phan Thiet (MUI ne), and now the town of Hoi an, almost do not create such a sense of the exotic country as before. Russian speech everywhere on the street, signboards of restaurants and shops in the Russian language and even road signs are duplicated in Russian, gradually blur the line between exotic and resorts at home. But it is only a short distance to travel of these areas you can be in sparsely populated English-speaking tourists. This, for example, Sapa, Danang, hue, da lat, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city, Phan rang, and others. Russian tourists, and if found there, mainly in the form of tour groups, who are brought from the popular Nha Trang or Phan Thiet.
In the end we make this conclusion:
Afraid of a solo trip to Vietnam is not worth it. But if you’re willing to settle for the standard routes in the form of a stay on the popular “Russified” the resort will certainly seek to abandon trips to Vietnam in favor of a trip savage not worth it, because saving is unlikely. However, if the stay in the circle of our fellow citizens in the popular resort diluted by a pair of travel excursions, you are not satisfied, you should make your route, for which you will help the information about Vietnam and its resorts at our site.

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