How to identify scams when buying tickets

How to identify scams when buying ticketsWith the development of the Internet, electronic payments, the advent of electronic tickets travel opportunities have increased significantly. But, with the increase in opportunities for honest buyers and sellers on the Internet are growing opportunities for fraud, which under the guise of a fake e-tickets simply trying to steal our money with you. And, although the percentage of cheaters among all sellers of tickets on the Internet is low, still in their offers, there are a lot of volunteers who then become victims. Meanwhile, to identify the sites or sellers in social networks that sell cheap tickets air, very easily.
Here you have some tips how to recognize scams when searching for tickets to be at the airport behind flying away to warmer climes of the aircraft:
Do not buy from private owners
Do not buy tickets from individuals who sell tickets are on social networks, even if it is on a serious and beautifully designed pages.
Read reviews
If you are going to buy tickets at a new, unfamiliar website, read the reviews on the Internet. Although the presence of positive feedback in the network very easily counterfeited, fraudulent sites in most cases are ephemeral, so you can find the “bad sites” quite a lot of fresh accolades, but none of the old.
Do not buy suspiciously cheap
Do not buy cheap tickets from suspicious sellers, if the average price of the same tickets when searching for other sellers above. After all, if the airline really throws on sale best offer, it instantly appears in all popular megapolitan you can trust.
Note when you pay!!!
Don’t pay for the tickets direct transfer of funds from e-wallet to another wallet, plastic card, cash in person. Try to avoid payment by Bank transfer or other money transfer. The safest way is to pay brokered known payment aggregators or payment systems (Robokassa, Qiwi, Euroset, etc.) or by credit card on the website by entering the security code CVV2. The fact is that phony sites such payments banks are not allowed, and to challenge such a transaction will subsequently be easier.
Not “fooled” into simple beautiful sites
In most cases, sites-day are only one beautifully designed page ticket, without any subsections of useful information, articles.

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