How to travel with a child

How to travel with a childFirst trip with children, both for parents and for children themselves is pleasant, and at the same time, an emotional event. After all, when traveling, we can’t always anticipate what will happen with our child in a given situation, in an unfamiliar place, with unfamiliar people. We begin in advance to experience how the tour goes, you take with you, as the child will take the road than it is to occupy, and, if they do, where to go and other similar questions. And no wonder…
Today more and more families are traveling together with children, and not just because their not leave with anyone, but because I want to show a child new places and introduce them to the traditions, people or simply to take out of the sea, which is especially important in the winter when everybody is lacking the sun and heat. No matter, a small child or in the age of reason, in any case – this trip is not for him to remain forgotten and will surely be beneficial.
To journey the whole family went well, you need to consider many factors, such as the child’s age, eating habits, Hobbies, recreation and other.
In this article we have tried to collect General recommendations based on my own experience.
Traveling with children
Planning for travel with baby

Planning any trip is an important part of a successful trip. This includes the search and booking of tickets and accommodation, sightseeing, entertainment, catering, transportation. By and large it pertains to travel, but traveling as tourists, where some of the issues are already solved for you, should not fully trust, and to analyze issues independently.

When booking tickets for any mode of transport you need to keep in mind that the ticket price for a child, depending on his age, cheaper by 40-50%. In some cases (for example, if he does not occupy additional space or under 2 years) for a child does not have to pay. The same rule applies to the movement in suburban and urban transport. As we remember in Russia, children under 7 years old travel for free if not occupying a separate seat. In this case, this feature sometimes need to step back, in cases when you have a long move and the baby will be difficult to maintain, and adult will not be easy.
Seeking placements pay attention to the convenience of the location to dining, entertainment, recreation, beaches, not to forget about the night’s calm, otherwise well be up to you or the children. Sometimes to consider all these wishes is not easy, so choose the most preferred option.
Hotels focus more on accommodation in double rooms, extra bed is not possible; or hostels, rooms designed for 4-8 or more residents with shared bathroom and toilet. Of course, such places are not for families with children. Thus, when booking through the search engines do not always correctly display the result by the number of residents, and instead of 4 people you can put in 2-bed room that yuudet not the most pleasant surprise. Therefore, before booking it is better to check with the hotel the possibility of accommodation and number of beds by contacting via e-mail.
If the hotel cannot find something suitable, then one solution is to rent (apartment or room). Apartments offer both one-and two – bedrooms with furniture and kitchen. Moreover, the presence of food in case of traveling with small children is very helps, you can prepare meals the child, and to save on food for the whole family.
One of the most popular reservation systems of housing is Airbnb. For registered users, the system provides a system of bonuses and discounts when you book that will be a nice addition to the rest. Even in the first book when you register follow the link to propose a real discount of $ 50.

Meals with children in the journey

Will have to take care about the diet of children. Take into account that the child should eat at least three times a day, food should be adequate, some children have special dietary requirements, which can offer not just a restaurant and a café. As you became more, and the cost of food increases. Accordingly, you need to look for a more budget places to have a snack, a search which is to worry in advance. Try to find places that will be acceptable to both adults and children, to read reviews about them. A good option in this case are family cafe, where, in addition to a varied menu, there are small playgrounds with toys, your child to have fun and rest from Hiking.
The nearest supermarkets and mini-markets – a great help in solving the question of power. In them and more choice and variety. If the location has its own kitchen can prepare something that will eat the child.
Besides, with you on a walk, it is recommended to take water, biscuits, sweets, yogurt in a word, what he loves the child. After all, time to eat is not always possible, and in cases with small business, which is not easy to feed, these snacks will be very useful throughout the day.
Traveling with children
Attractions and entertainment for the child

When planning a trip it is necessary to allocate time to visit places that are interesting to the child, depending on his age and preferences. It can be zoos, planetariums, museums, exhibitions, entertainment centers, parks, waterparks. Thus it is necessary to alternate the visits to “adult” and “child” to the child is not tired, and he had also been interested.
Going on a walk around the city with young children need to take into account that not all kids love and I long to go on foot. In this case, we should not forget about the rest of the child: for example, sit on the bench, play on the Playground, eat in the cafe. You just have to make a small break on the route that the child became more cheerful and ready for a further hike.
Try to choose the best Hiking trails and follow them slowly, stopping to rest. Director of the recreation. Plan simple trips, it may slightly increase the travel time, but the joy and excitement will increase and you and the kids.
Inspection of many attractions for children up to 6-7 years old is free of charge, from 6 to 12 years, typically 30-50% cheaper. There are benefits for large families and families with disabled children, orphans. Family ticket for 2 adults and 2 children, also there is a discount.
Do not forget that even in the hotel or in a rented apartment children want their entertainment”, i.e. watch cartoons, play games. So if your hotel or rented apartment does not have a TV with children’s channels, should bring a laptop or tablet computer with recorded animated cartoons.
Traveling with children
Safety in traveling with children

Children are not only a joy but also a big responsibility. So don’t stingy on life insurance and health of their children. There are many insurance companies that offer these services through an online insurance. You will protect yourself from accidents, and their children, and it concerns not only foreign countries, but also Russia.
When traveling in Russia have the policy of obligatory medical insurance, on which emergency medical assistance you must provide free of charge.
If travel by private or rented vehicles equipped with safety-belts, do not ignore child seats and restraints. This rule does not apply to all countries, but for safety purposes, children are not superfluous.
What to bring on the road for the child

First aid kit with children’s medicines
Games, books, coloring books, toys (that the child does not get bored while traveling or while staying at the hotel)
Clothing (one or two set of clothes, warm clothes, hat)
Shoes (depending on the season, the rest of the country)
Food and drink (needed for 1-2 days – the time needed to reach destination)
Documents (passport, birth certificate, power of attorney from parent (s), permission from the parent (if parents are divorced), insurance policy, etc.)

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