Ridiculous beach laws

Ridiculous beach lawsThere are absurd and ridiculous laws that have long constituted the remnants of the past and not applicable in modern life. Such laws often can be found in the United States. Some of them were long ago abolished, but continued in the people to act. The Slavic peoples always teased by such rules, because the Soviet Constitution did not contain anything funny.
But not only in America is a funny old laws: beach there are laws that look, to put it mildly, strange. In different parts of the world have their quirks.
Closed costumes

For example, on the beaches of foreign resorts, which are dominated by harsh Muslim laws is very common to see women in closed black suits. They consist of leggings, turtlenecks, dresses and big hats. Sunbathing they certainly can not, but they are definitely not cold. People of other faiths such beach vacation brings a smile. But Muslim women never try on stunning outdoor swimwear.
No candid mind!

Exotic spaces, Sri Lanka and Thailand can even be fined for being too outspoken. Surprised? especially about Thailand. Fortunately, no one that doesn’t observe the law, but before he acted. So if you are going to indulge in the warm sun and breathtaking views, complete your swimsuit pareo. Even if it is not useful on the beach, in a cafe you will be irresistible.
The only entrance beauties

In Italy there are just terrible laws on the beach. If the woman is unattractive, fat, she is prohibited to go in a bathing suit and undress. The law is translated literally as: “Women are fat, ugly or ugly to appear on the beach undressed prohibited.” And here is a beautiful Italians allowed all. Such discrimination is appalling gentle half of humanity. But to earn a penalty on the beach impossible. After all, someone full the woman seem much more attractive slender girls.
There are plenty of ridiculous laws that previously had to comply. But today the world has become more humane, open and free. And let in many holiday countries remain funny beach rules, it does not hurt you to relax your body and soul. After all, no laws can ruin the clean air, the beautiful scenery and warmth of the gentle sun. And a merry and cheerful people in such rules will only find an extra reason to smile.

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