The Beaches Of Nha Trang

The Beaches Of Nha TrangOnce Nha Trang is the capital of Khanh Hoa province in Central Vietnam was just a fishing village. And now Nha Trang is one of the most popular resorts of Vietnam.
Than Nha Trang attracts tourists? Of course – a beach holiday. In addition to the main beach, which stretches for 7 kilometers, in Nha Trang (or rather, next to it) is stunning picturesque spots, where everyone will find rest for their soul. It is the beaches that combines romance, comfort, tranquility and unity with nature. Most of these beaches can not only one can enjoy in the form of a trip out of town, but there you can stay for a few days in one of the hotels.
It is worth mentioning that in Nha Trang there are so-called the season of storms (November to mid-February), when very high probability of permanent strong waves and swimming at local beaches to become uncomfortable and even dangerous.
Beach city of Nha Trang
As already mentioned, this beach stretches for 7 kilometers, stretched along the urban coast (Gordesky the beach of Nha Trang on the map). We cannot say that this beach is terrible (and this is sometimes found on the net), but still it is far from ideal. The entire beach of sand, moderately clean, constantly being cleaned. The water is clean and transparent.
In the southern part of the beach, opposite the tourist area of Nha Trang, there are sun loungers and parasols (50 000 VND, but negotiable), water sports (banana, jet ski, catamaran, parasailing, etc.). Of course, go the hawkers with drinks, snacks and Souvenirs, offer services massage therapists. The majority of hotels, Nha Trang is concentrated in the area. In the Northern part of almost any beach with no infrastructure.
All along the town beach stretches loaded transport Tran Phu street, but in the southern part, opposite the tourist area, the beach is separated from the more expensive wide pedestrian area. In this area there is a Park, sports fields, so that the great inconvenience of the presence of the road is not.
In South city beach there are a number of hotels with their own beaches, which are cleaned and settling in much better than the rest in the city. To get to the beach and swim can be anyone, but to take advantage of sun beds and umbrellas, guests can only of hotels.

Bai Zai
Translates from Vietnamese – long beach (Long Beach). Still – 15 kilometers in length! The place is not promoted, the abundance of restaurants and infrastructure here. This is not surprising, because 10 years ago, it housed a military base. But now quiet, relaxing holiday. Beach Bai Zai will appeal to those who need passive recreation on white as flour sand. There are sun loungers, awnings, cafe, which serves seafood dishes (lobster will cost cheaper than in the city). The entrance to the sea is very convenient, without strong differences of depths. Waves almost none. They rise only from November to February (winter season). A great time for surfers.
Beach is 20 kilometers from Nha Trang (Beach, Bai Dai on the interactive map of Nha Trang). It’s only 15-20 minutes by taxi or motorbike.
But in a barrel of honey worth and pour a spoonful of tar. The fact is that today a large number of tourists know about this beach, and goes there every day from the city. As a result, the beach, sometimes it has become very messy (because no one here cleans) and crowded. Of course, rose and the prices of everything.
This beach has no hotels, only available for booking the hotel Mia Resort Nha Trang (5*) is located a couple of kilometers from the Northern tip of the beach, but this hotel has a decent izolirovannye the beach. Even in the North of the beach there is a camping Park in Nha Trang Wonderpark, where you can stay for the night.

Portation Years
Slightly less long than the beach, Bai Zai. Portation Years stretches for 10 kilometers. And he is much further from Nha Trang 45 kilometres, just to the North (Doc Let Beach on the interactive map of Nha Trang). So most of the tourists come for the whole day. You can take a taxi, or you can reach it by sea on the boat.
From the infrastructure here you can find hotels, pools, restaurants, shops. On the beach there are sun loungers and parasols.
Tempted Portation Years primarily for its natural beauty: palm trees along the shore, white sand, turquoise sea. The bottom is very comfortable, not rocky.
On this beach you can stay in one of the hotels:
Some days of Silence Resort & Spa (4.5*)
White Sand Doc Let Beach Resort & Spa (4*)
The Jungle Beach (Hon Heo)

Far from Nha Trang (60 kilometers Beach Jungle Beach on the interactive map of Nha Trang) – on the other hand HEO Peninsula, but to visit this beach is definitely worth it. Picturesque nature, ocean beach (although swimming is safe because the wave goes away from the coast and close to him dies down). And yet, the mountains, jungles, 12-foot waterfall, in the bowl which you can swim. Small secluded beaches, hidden from the eyes of a stranger in the bays and lagoons. If you want to stay together in this Paradise is not for a day, and more, you can rent a room in the Bungalow.
On this beach there are several hotels, among which are available for booking at Wild Beach Resort (3.5*).
Beach Beach Paragon (Paragon)

Though it belongs to the hotel of the same name, but the entrance to all visitors free of charge. The truth behind the chaise lounge have to pay about 3 dollars. This beach is considered a luxury, where well-kept grounds, luxury villas, palm trees, as on selection. There is a beach not far from the cable car to Vinpearl (Jungle Beach on the interactive map of Nha Trang), and what is good to get to the city easily from here by city bus No. 4.
A quiet, peaceful place for discerning travelers. Swim comfortable, because in the sea there are two of the breakwater, forming between themselves a pool, so the waves do not interfere to accomplish races in any season. This is the perfect place for a relaxing family holiday.
On this beach there are two hotels available to book Paragon Villa Hotel Nha Trang (3*) and ViVa Villa An Vien Nha Trang (3*).
The beach of Monkey Island (monkey Island)

Monkey island, Nha Trang
Another beach is located on the monkey island to Nha Trang. Getting there is not easy, and a special advantage in it, but once it is, it is impossible not to mention (the Beach of Monkey Island on the interactive map of Nha Trang).
On this beach there are sun loungers and umbrellas, kayaks and jet skis. Nearby is a coffee and go-kart track. The island itself is filled with monkeys, who, by the way, can really put you to rest (you can not leave things without supervision even for a second). The descent of the bottom of a very shallow: to get to depth, will have to go 50 meters. No hotels on the island there.

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