The cultural triangle of Sri Lanka

The cultural triangle of Sri LankaFormer island of Ceylon, now called Sri Lanka is an amazing place that attracts tourists with its exotic, stunning scenery, sunsets, impenetrable jungle, the noise of the Indian ocean… But aside from beaches, Sri Lanka has a unique place, visiting which you can see the country from the inside, to get acquainted with its historic monuments, many of which are taken under protection of UNESCO.
Touch the milestones of the history of this amazing country is possible in the Cultural triangle of Sri Lanka”, also called “Golden triangle of Sri Lanka”.
If at least two or three days to break away from the beautiful ocean and make their way to the Central province of the island, that’s where you can see the three historical capitals of Sri Lanka: Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Kandy. The territory in the Central part of the island, the vertices of which are those of the capital, is the “Cultural triangle”. But not only these cities are the places that you visit in the Cultural triangle. There also are cave temple of Dambulla, the ancient city of Sigiriya, the birthplace of Sri Lankan Buddhism Mihintale, the ruins of Nalanda and still a huge number of small monuments scattered throughout the territory of Central Sri Lanka.
The most sacred city of Sri Lanka and the first place to visit in the triangle is Anuradhapura. It became the first capital of the island and it is connected to the history of Buddhism. This is evidenced by various Buddhist places of worship, called stupas, temples, palaces, built in the fourth century before Christ. And just a few kilometres from Anuradhapura town of Mihintale, a mountain Mahinda in which according to the legend, Sri Lanka, where Buddhism was born. This mountain is one of the holiest sites in the country and a place of pilgrimage.

The most unique monument, which is included in the “triangle” and not to miss is, of course, Sigiriya. Imagine a 200-meter cliff at the top, just under the clouds ruins of the Palace of the king Kasyapa.
There is something to see and Buddhist cave monastery of Dambulla. It is more than two thousand years, and the monks continue to find shelter here.
The second oldest capital city in the triangle, Polonnaruwa. It remained the capital from the XI – XIII century. Now ruins…ruins, palaces, temples, and the spirit of the past, floating in the air.
Finally, the former capital of Kandy, which today is the cultural center of the country. We can say that it is a modern city, however, this tradition is clearly present. One of the most important cultural and religious monuments in Kandy is the Temple of the sacred tooth relic. Within its walls is stored the famous tooth of a Great Teacher. It retained after the cremation of the body. What’s going on in the summer, when the festival of Esala Perahera attracts thousands of pilgrims and tourists is beyond words!
Sri Lanka is so multi-faceted country that here everyone will find something for everyone, but don’t forget about cultural food. During the visit to the “Cultural triangle” can be enjoyed in full.

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