Travel insurance

Travel insuranceI understand that such a number of letters by hard.

But, this can affect Your health in a foreign country.
Have patience and read!!!
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The text in the original language:

When the insured event before You seek medical or other assistance (emergency – within 24 hours). you must call the Assistance company specified in the agreement complex insurance travelling abroad phones and act according to the instructions received.

Turning should be reported:

Name and surname of the Insured person;
The location of the Insured person and the contact phone number;
The name of the insurance company;
The contract number of comprehensive insurance travelling abroad;
The term of the agreement complex insurance travelling abroad;
Detailed description of the incident and the nature of assistance required.
Experienced facilitators will instruct You further regarding Your actions and will ensure the provision of medical or other appropriate assistance.

For free You will be provided with only the help that organized or coordinated with the Assistance company. In case of violation of this requirement You may be denied reimbursement.

Specialized Service of the Insurer (Assisting company) – a legal entity acting on behalf and by order of JSC “Insurance company “Universalna” and coordinates the actions of the Insured person and the persons who provide assistance or service, in case of occurrence of insured event.

Insured person – a natural person, the insurance for this Contract. The insured person can acquire rights and obligations of the Insured.

The insurance contract – a written agreement on comprehensive travel insurance outside the country of permanent residence between the insurer and the Insured whereby the Insurer undertakes in the event of an insured event to make insurance payment to the Insured person or through a Specialized service of the Insurer (assistance) of the institution that provided medical diagnostic, preventive, transport and/or other services to the Insured person, in the manner and on the terms stipulated in the insurance Contract and the insurance Program and the Policyholder undertakes to pay insurance payments in a certain period of time and to perform other conditions of the insurance Contract.

Insured event – an event stipulated in the insurance Contract and the insurance Program, which took place during the validity period of the insurance Contract and throughout the term of the insurance Contract and the onset of which occurs the obligation of the Insurer to make insurance payment to the Insured or other third party (medical, transportation or other establishment that has assisted, performed the service in accordance with the insurance Contract).

Insurance indemnity – the amount of money that is paid by the Insurer in the event of an insured event under the Contract of insurance.

Insurance payment (premium, premium) payment for insurance which the Insurer is obliged to pay to the insurer under the terms of the insurance Contract.

The insurance rate is the rate of insurance premium per unit of sum insured for a certain period of insurance.

Sum insured – the amount of money within which the Insurer in accordance with the terms of the insurance Contract is obliged to make insurance payment (to pay insurance compensation) when the insured event.

Deductible – the part of loss which is not indemnified by the Insurer under the insurance Contract:

when unconditional franchise deductible in all cases deducted (deducted) in the calculation of insurance payment (insurance compensation) with the amount of insurance payment (insurance compensation) in due to be paid.
contingent deductible, the Insurer is relieved from liability for expenses not exceeding the amount established franchise, and shall reimburse in full if their size exceeds the established franchise.
The fare is the cost of tickets for travel by rail and/or sea, first class or flight – economic class.

Country of permanent residence – the country in which the Insured person lives in total of at least 183 days in a calendar year.

Medical institution – to-institution of the health system or private health facility (face), licensed with any Insurer or Specialized service of the Insurer (Assistance) signed an agreement to provide medical services to Insured persons.

Accident – a sudden, short-term, unforeseen and independent of the will of the Insured event, which took place due to the influence of different external factors (physical, chemical, technical, etc.) and has led to temporary or permanent impairment of health of the Insured and/or his death.
The external factors can be classified as: natural disasters, fire, explosion, lightning, electric current, accident, wrongful acts of third persons, assault and animal bites, poisonous snakes, insects, accidental inhalation of foreign body, the fall of any object or the Insured person, the impact of a foreign body, improper medical procedures, the use of the Insured person or any third party vehicles, machines, mechanisms, tools, weapons and the like.
Under the health disorder should understand traumatic injury (trauma, injury, wound, fracture, traumatic brain injury, ruptured organs, ligaments, tendons etc.), as well as burns, drowning, frostbite, hypothermia (excluding colds), heat stroke, sudden suffocation, accidental acute poisoning with poisonous plants, chemicals or toxic substances (industrial or household), drugs and the like.

Acute disease – a sudden, unexpected disturbance of vital functions of the body, leading to deterioration of health of the Insured person, due to functional and/or morphological changes and which, in the case of failure to provide medical care, can lead to long-term frustration of health or threaten her life.

Acute pain – such a nervous system response to external or internal stimulus, which is failing a medical emergency can lead to the development of a painful shock that will threaten the life of the Insured person.

Limit of liability – the limit of insurance payment (insurance compensation) within the sum insured, which consent may be established at the conclusion of the insurance Contract individual insurance risk, insured event and / or for certain types of insurance services.

Specialized service of the Insurer (assistance) – a legal or natural person acting in the name and on behalf of the Insurer and coordinates the actions of the Insured person and persons providing services to the Insured in case of occurrence of insured event, organizes, supervises, and pays for the provision of such services and perform such other action in the name and on behalf of the Insurer.
Phones for the treatment of the Insured person for medical care in the Specialized service of the Insurer (assistance) are specified in the instance of the insured person.
Specialized service of the Insurer (assistance) may make payments on insured event for an Insured person and to demand compensation for these costs from the Insurer.

Insurance program – list of diagnostic and treatment, transport and other services to certain volume and quality provided to the Insured in accordance with the insurance Contract and depend on the age of the Insured person.

Scheduled flight – a flight that is registered in the official list of flights and/or in the international Handbook of flights (ABC World Airways Guide), provided that the carrier has a license, certificate or other authorization to carry a Shuttle transportation issued by the relevant competent authorities of the country in whose territory the registered this carrier, and subject that to the carrier under this permit holds in good technical condition of the aircraft and regularly publishes schedules and tariffs for transportation of passengers.

Beneficiary – an individual or a legal person designated by the Insured (with the consent of the Insured person) in the contract of insurance as a person entitled to receive insurance indemnity in case the insured event, unless otherwise provided by the Contract of insurance.
When accident insurance these insurance Conditions in case of death of the Insured person, the Beneficiary is her legal heirs or inheritance contract.

Insurance territory – single territory, country or group of countries (excluding the country of residence of the Insured person), which are specified in the insurance Agreement and the Certificate are subject to insurance coverage.
With areas of insurance are excluded:

state (country) within which hostilities are taking place or are military anti-terrorist operations;
the state, in relation to which applied economic and/or military sanctions by the UN;
state (country) within which the detected and recognized sources of epidemics;
state (within States) that with the obvious potential to cause harm to people’s health.
Insurance protection (insurance coverage) – the proliferation of validity of the insurance Contract on a specific person/territory/event.
Any sum insured (limit of liability) foreign currency specified in these Terms of insurance and/or insurance Contract, are determined according to the official exchange rate for foreign currencies applicable in the relevant state (country) on the date of providing services to the Insured person in accordance with the official policy of the state on whose territory these services are rendered to the Insured person.

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