Things to do in Bali

Things to do in BaliHeading to Bali, just being on the plane, many tourists are looking forward not so much warm sea and exotic holiday, and many from unforgettable experiences in the SPA-salons. Asian service and recipes for preserving youth is famous in the world. And in Bali, you can experience the bliss body care and face. Who-who, and cheerful Balinese people know how to use SPA to relax the body and bring harmony to the soul and thoughts.
If you still don’t know what is SPA, the treatment and therapy related to water. Initially, SPA treatments got its name from the Belgian resort Spa, famous for its healing waters. Over time, this word became so popular that included other types of therapies, mainly associated with recreation and relaxation. Today SPA treatments include thalassotherapy, therapy, algae, salts, water, mineral baths, herbal medicine, medicinal plants, scrubs, masks, massage and much more.
SPA centres in Bali is in every good hotel. In five star hotels they even acknowledged world leaders in provide cosmetic services.
But you don’t need to settle in a five star hotel in Bali to get SPA treatments. In every district of Bali, Kuta, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Sanur, you will find a large number of SPA-salons. Walking in the streets, you can see how they are a riot of signs with the list of services. Once inside, you’ll find yourself in another world – a world where there is Nirvana, peace and tranquility. What can we say about the design that is thought through, there is nothing superfluous, only natural materials, simplicity, lightness and of course the wonderful aromas floating like elves through the cabin.

The same list of services available at SPA in Bali, just huge. This cleansing facial, rejuvenating facial treatments, all kinds of wrapping the body with the use of ingredients such as papaya, coffee, green tea, avocado, seaweed. And of course, massage… to Visit Bali and experience the relaxing effect from the skilful hands of Balinese persons, just a huge omission. During the massage, as a rule, used oil, which includes a multitude of spices, herbs and flowers grown only in Bali. Among the proposed SPA packages are based on ancient Balinese traditions of the treatment of the case.
If you order a comprehensive package of services to care for face and body, this usually consists of a foot massage. In a small bath with the addition of water with slices of lime and smooth pebbles, you wash, massage your feet, preparing to basic procedures. Then going to a separate apartment, you will relax with a massage, head and face. Followed by a body scrub. And after a shower you will enjoy the amazing tub. For example, milk bath with the addition of herbs and flowers, or tub with sea water or with Lotus flowers.
Be sure to try the stone massage with warm lava stones, soaked in spices.
Don’t be surprised if during the wrapping of the body, for example, will be covered with palm leaves. Five minutes the body will feel an immediate sensation of freshness, even cool, but soon you will feel warmth and relaxation. Then, washing the body with the remnants of the gel, the effect of the procedure is immediately noticeable. The skin becomes smooth, soft, velvety.
Cost of services as SPA centres varies on average from 15 to 120 dollars. The price depends not only on location (in five star hotels and reputable salons in them, of course, everything is much more expensive), but also on program procedures. The cheapest way to get SPA treatments in the salons on the streets. Usually in such salons inviting tourists on the street pretty girls, so you don’t even have to look for such places. But do not forget about the most elementary precautionary measures, especially in the most inexpensive places: there have been cases of thefts of personal items in such stores. And get details on the services offered and the procedures of the many promotional brochures, including in the Russian language, which can be found at the reception of hotels, travel agencies and places of a congestion of tourists.
Having experienced an unforgettable experience after visiting a SPA salon in Bali, you want to come here again and again, only to once again plunge into a magic world of flower island.

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